UN Mediator ‘Won’t Visit Greece or Macedonia Soon’

The UN envoy in the Greece-Macedonia ‘name’ talks, Matthew Nimetz, has no plans to visit Athens and Skopje any time soon, Greek media report him as saying in New York.

Greek media reported that Nimetz said this after a meeting in New York with the Greek Foreign Minister, Stavros Lambrinidis, on Sunday evening.

During the talks the envoy stressed “the need to achieve progress” in the name talks and said they had exchanged views on this issue.

Earlier this month Nimetz said he had no intention of coming up with a fresh compromise name for Macedonia unless he receives a signal from both countries that they are both interested in accepting it as basis for further talks.

The two sides are locked in a two-decade dispute over the use of the name Macedonia. Greece argues that the name “Republic of Macedonia” implies a territorial claim to the northern Greek province, which is also called Macedonia.

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