EP rapporteur on Macedonia says name resolution is imminent

Macedonia could get its much-desired start date for EU accession talks by the end of this year provided it reaches a “name” compromise with Greece by then, says European Parliament rapporteur on Macedonia, Richard Howitt. 

Speaking in an optimistic tone, Howitt, who is paying a two-day visit to Macedonia, on Tuesday, said that he “would like to see resolution as quickly as possible, before the EC meeting in December”.

“There are good opportunities for a compromise to be made until then” Hewit said noting that the diplomacies from both countries should be “allowed space” to work out a “genuine” solution to the long standing dispute.

Howitt’s visit to Skopje comes ahead of the publishing of the European Commission’s annual progress report on Macedonia set for October.

In it Macedonia hopes it will get a recommendation for accession talks for a third year in a row, based on its reforms made to prepare the country for future membership.

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