EULEX: Judge to decide on Limaj’s detention

Former Transport Minister Fatmir Limaj handed himself in to District Court of Pristina at a detention hearing at on Thursday.

An international judge is soon to decide whether the EULEX arrest warrant for Limaj is to be executed.

Local media reported that Limaj’s move was a result of a compromise with the EULEX prosecution so that he does not get arrested.

Limaj, who remains a popular figure in Kosovo, has already faced a war crimes trial before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, ICTY.

He was charged, along with Isak Musliu and Haradin Bala, with committing war crimes against Serbs and Albanians suspected of collaborating with Serbia during the Kosovo war.

In November 2005 the ICTY acquitted him and he returned home to a hero’s welcome, with street celebrations in the capital, Pristina.

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