Next round of Russian-Georgian WTO negotiations to be held on October 7-8

The next round of the Russian-Georgian negotiations on the Russian Federation’s joining the WTO will be held on October 7-8, Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister David Jalagania said at a briefing on Monday. He said that this is likely to be the last round of talks this year.

“The Georgian delegation has a clear and unambiguous position on Russia’s joining the WTO,” he said. “Unfortunately, according to the preliminary data, we do not expect any radical changes in this round because of Russia’s tough stance.”

The Georgian side calls for to make a transparent control on the Russian-Georgian border in the Psou and Roki tunnel to support Russia’s joining the WTO.

“If our conditions are not accepted, we will fail to assist Russia in joining the WTO,” he said. “The dialogue is likely to be continued next year.”

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