Serbs partially remove barricades

Northern Kosovo Serbs removed a part of the barricade on the Kosovska Mitrovica-Ribariće road in the village of Zupče on Thursday morning.

The barricade is located on the road leading to the Brnjak administrative crossing.

The Serbs removed large logs from one traffic lane. Two KFOR vehicles have already passed trhough.

An armored KFOR vehicle and several soldiers were located about 300 meters from the barricade that the Serbs were dismantling.

A part of the barricade leading to the Jarinje administrative checkpoint was also removed this morning and one lane is now open for traffic.

According to the plan adopted by the four northern Kosovo mayors and the Kosovska Mitrovica District head, barricades will on Thursday be partially removed from the east bridge over the Ibar River in Kosovska Mitrovica and from the entrance to Leposavić.

Serbs are still keeping watch at the other barricades, such as those at the main bridge over the Ibar River in Kosovska Mitrovica and in the villages of Jagnjenica and Rudare near Zvečan. They said they would monitor the situation on the roads that were partially unblocked this morning.

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