Serbian President meets EC President Herman Van Rompuy

Serbian President Boris Tadić conferred Friday in Brussels with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.

Van Rompuy expressed satisfaction over the progress made in the Belgrade-Priština dialogue but also pointed out the importance of the implementation of the agreements that had already been agreed.

“Even though we recognize the latest results of the Belgrade-Priština dialogue I have encouraged President Tadić to make additional steps in order to convince all EU member states that Serbia is seriously committed to the dialogue and that it is implementing the solutions that have been reached so far,” he said in a statement.

Van Rompuy repeated that regional cooperation and good neighborly relations were an essential part of the EU enlargement process and that Brussels would assess every country that wished to join the Union based fair and just criteria.

The European Council president once again confirmed that the EU was committed to the integration of the Western Balkan states and that it that way wanted to contribute to strengthening of peace, democracy and stability in Europe.

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