France could block start of Montenegro’s EU accession talks

The European Commission on Tuesday for the first time implied that Montenegro probably would not get a date for the start of the accession talks on December 9.

The European Council should make a decision on December 9.

European officials said during Montenegro’s Prime Minister Igor Lukšić’s visit to Brussels that a decision on the beginning of the talks with the EU could be made at some of the future meetings.

Podgorica-based daily Vijesti has learned from the European diplomats that there are still ten more days left until the meeting and that “not everything is over yet“.

“But is will be really hard for Montenegro to get (a date for the beginning of) negotiations. The French and German resistance is too strong. There will be any big explaining and details. Simply, that will be left for later. As far as Serbia is concerned, it’s even more difficult than Montenegro,“ an Italian source from Brussels told the daily.

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