Serbian FM says UN must prevent unilateral actions in Kosovo

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić asked Tuesday the UN Security Council to ensure that unilateral actions are no longer allowed.

The security situation in our southern province of Kosovo and Metohija has been greatly aggravated since the end of the previous reporting period,” Jeremić said.

“We call upon all stakeholders on the ground in North Kosovo-KFOR and EULEX officials, as well as local community leaders-to engage in dialogue and work together to restore calm immediately,” he stressed.

“The removal of barricades is clearly in the interest of peace and stability, but it should be achieved exclusively through peaceful means. We must find the way out of the vicious circle of violence in which only extremism thrives,” Jeremic said.

“We are facing a worsening situation in Kosovo. It necessitates more active engagement by this body,” he added.

“I call on the Security Council to make sure no more forceful unilateral acts are allowed to take place-and that it does so in clear, unequivocal, unbiased and status-neutral terms,” the Serbian minister said.

“I urge this body to take this crucial step without any further hesitation,” he added.

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