Stefan Fuele expects more from Serbia for EU candidacy

As Brussels is encouraging Belgrade to resolve issues with Kosovo in order to get EU candidacy in March, Serbian opposition parties are calling the government to resign.

EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele has told Belgrade that the European Commission will help Serbia on its integration path in any way it can.

Fuele offered help after the European Council decided on Friday to delay the decision whether to grant Serbia candidate status. Brussels will decide in February whether Serbia has met conditions to become a candidate country in March. Belgrade has been hoping to obtain the candidate status on December 9.

The commissioner said that it was important that Serbia had received a green light from the highest level for its cooperation with The Hague, fulfillment of the Copenhagen criteria and for an extremely important role in the reconciliation process in the Western Balkans.

“That’s a solid basis that will enable you to get the candidate status very soon,” Fuele concluded.

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