Skopje to make spy dossiers available to the public

To allay suspicions of abuse of the law, Macedonia’s ruling party is contemplating making controversial dossiers of the former police informants available to the public.

Macedonia’s governing VMRO DPMNE party says it’s mulling release of the dossiers to empower the so-called Lustration Commission, the body tasked with rooting out former spies, and which has been accused of selectively targeting critics of the government.

“This measure will allow the commission to put certain spy dossiers on the internet,” Silvana Boneva, coordinator of the VMRO DPMNE caucus in parliament, said.

Boneva said a draft bill was already written and would soon be put before parliament where the ruling party has a working majority. Current Lustration Law bans revealing the identities of those named in the dossiers, or the dossiers themselves.

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