EULEX asks Russia to help on Kosovo organ trafficking investigation

An EU prosecutor has asked Russia to assist two of its citizens to appear as witnesses in Kosovo’s Medicus case, as they are believed to be victims of organ harvesting.

Nick Hawton, a spokesperson for the EU rule of law mission in Kosovo, EULEX, said on Tuesday that the EU prosecutors are in constant contact with the Russian authorities on the process, and have requested their help in the case.

“A EULEX Special Prosecutor has requested legal assistance from the Russian Federation, specifically for two of its citizens to appear as witnesses in the Medicus Trial. The prosecutor is waiting for a reply to his request,” Nick Hawton said.

The case involves allegations that a group of people brought poor donors and rich recipients to the Medicus clinic in Kosovo and organised and carried out the harvesting of kidneys and their transplant.

EULEX revealed last week that two Russian citizens were believed to be victims of the organ trafficking.

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