Crime Wave Shocks Albania Amid Tourist Season

The Socialist Opposition criticised the government on Monday for a lack of security during tourist season following a string of crimes over the last two weeks that has shocked the country.“The country is under the terror of criminals and street gangs because [Prime Minister] Sali Berisha has nominated party militants as head of security institutions,” Socialist MP Sajmir Tahiri said in a press conference.“The streets are under the reign of terror, while the government remains indifferent,” he added.

The Albanian public was shocked last week after the stabbing two death of a woman in Tirana in front of her children during a robbery attempt by two youngsters.

Fatbaradha Tafa was stabbed to death last Tuesday in a suburb of Tirana while she resisted two robbers that tried to steal her necklace. Her sister was also seriously wounded during the attack.

Police launched an investigation following the attack and arrested a 20-year old suspected of being one of the two thieves that attacked the woman.

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