Macedonian NGO Chief to Sue Lustration Body

The head of the Open Society Institute – Macedonia, Vladimir Milcin, will sue the Lustration Commission and its head, Tome Adziev, for wrongfully naming him a Communist-era police informant.Vladimir Milcin, a vocal critic of the government, accused Tome Adziev of deliberately withholding three key documents that prove his innocence against the accusation that he was a Communist-era police informant.Milcin argues that Adziev is attempting to frame him under instructions from the government.

“The goal of this lustration is not to settle the injustices of the past, but to tarnish people’s reputation,” Milcin said at a press conference on Monday.

He called Adziev a “tumor in our society” who causes “repulsiveness” with his “industrious servility” to the government of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

Milcin says that Adziev hid a document that reveals that the Security and Counter Intelligence Service, UBK, recently informed the Commission that rather than collaborating with the ex-Yugoslavian secret police, he was actually spied on by them.

The second document is a questionnaire from his 1983 police file that states that he has not been informing the secret police.

The third document is an official police note from 1987. The note pertains to police interest in one of his interviews and involved the questioning of his associates at the Drama Arts Faculty, where he was a professor.

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