Bosnia Federation PM Seeks Ministerial Purge

The Prime Minister of Bosnia’s Federation entity has asked the President to dismiss eight ministers whose parties no longer form part of Bosnia’s ruling coalition.Federation premier Nermin Niksic visited the entity’s President, Zivko Budimir, on December 10 to push for the dismissal of eight ministers whose parties no longer form part of Bosnia’s governing coalition.

Niksic said that he wanted the President to learn about the demand in person, not from a piece of paper.

The Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzgovina, the larger of Bosnia’s two autonomous entities, says all the ministers from the Party of Democratic Action, SDA, the Croatian Party of Rights, HSP, and the People’s Party Work for Progress, NSRZB, have to go.

“I hope.. the President will act as soon as possible, so that we can match the [entity] government with the new parliamentary majority,” Niksic said.

Bosnia’s governing coalition changed over the summer when the original post-general election coalition between the Social Democratic Party, SDP, and the SDA fell apart in a dispute over adoption of a state budget for 2013.

The SDP then found itself a new partner in the Alliance for a Better Future, SBB, which, along with the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, have formed a new parliamentary majority.

According to the Federation entity constitution, the President has the authority to confirm or dismiss government ministers.

Niksic recently sent the Federation entity’s draft budget to parliament by himself, without the approval of his ministers, as an IMF deadline for the adoption of budgets in Bosnia was close to expiring.

The eight ministers in question refused to attend the government session last month when the budget was supposed to be adopted.

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