Kosovo Wants Pressure on Serbia over Missing Persons

Kosovo wants the international community to put pressure on Belgrade to resolve the issue of people who when missing during 1998-1999 war.Kosovo’s Governmental Commission for Missing Persons urged the international institutions “to use their authority towards Belgrade” in order to “finally resolve the sensitive and painful issue of missing persons” in Kosovo.

“Thousands of family’s in Kosovo live in anxiety not knowing about the fate and whereabouts of their loved ones, who went missing exactly as a result of flagrant human rights abuses”, the commission said in a press release issued to coincide with the Human Rights Day, December 10.

The commission called all citizens who have any information about missing people to call 080008401 (a free phone line donated by Kosovo’s Post Telecommunication).

More then thirteen years ago after the end of war in Kosovo some 1,762 people are still missing.

According to Kosovo’s government, the initial number of people who went missing during the Kosovo war between 1998 and 1999, was 6,024.

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