Bulgaria’s Ex-EU Commissioner Launches Anti-Crisis Plan

The Bulgaria for Citizens party led by former EU Commissioner Meglena Kuneva has unveiled its pre-election plan to reform the political system and boost the struggling economy.Kuneva’s party on Sunday unveiled its 31-point programme aimed at tackling the roots of the discontent which has resulted in mass protests and the fall of the Bulgarian government.

At a forum in the city of Varna, Kuneva launched the party’s list of ‘31 Things That Will Change Our Lives’, which begins with the drafting of a new constitution to ensure those in power take greater responsibility.

Political reform, economic measures and education policy changes feature strongly in the list, with proposed funding increases for the educational sector and schemes to boost small and medium-sized enterprises.

The plan was launched ahead of elections in mid-May which follow the resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his government amid demonstrations against the country’s economic woes and institutional corruption.

Bulgaria for Citizens’ programme includes such promises as “we will abolish privileges for MPs” and “we will cut the subsidies for political parties in half”.

There is also an emphasis on improving Bulgaria’s ailing healthcare system.

Among the political reforms promised by Bulgaria for Citizens is citizens’ participation in state regulatory bodies.

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