Mafia Pushes to Destabilize Bulgaria amid Political Crisis – Analyst

Bulgarian mafia and oligarchy structures are sabotaging attempts to form a caretaker cabinet, according to political analyst Ognyan Minchev.

“The brutality with which those shady structures obstructing cabinet formation are an indicator of their great interests to prolong and manipulate instability,” said Minchev in an interview for the Trud daily Monday.

Bulgaria’s cabinet led by acting PM Boyko Borisov resigned February 20 amid massive popular protests and Tuesday President Rosen Pleneliev is to unveil the composition of the new caretaker government which is to lead the country to early elections expected on May 12.

Minchev was commenting on a recent pressing media campaign to discredit figures rumored to take positions in the new cabinet, as well as to throw blame on the figure of the president himself.

“The nefarious essence of those structures which took hold of Bulgaria’s economy and politics in the recent two decades has become manifest yet again,” said the analyst.

According to Minchev however, there are still chances for the creation of an effective caretaker cabinet composed of competent experts.

The political scientist, who works at Sofia University, said he is nevertheless worried that ongoing protests – albeit justified in themselves – could be harnessed to serve the interests of actors behind the curtains.

He also drew attention to the real possibility of having to hold second snap elections, due to the high probability that the next parliament will be highly fragmented and thus be impeded in creating a functioning government.

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