Egyptian interim President releases anticipated constitutional declaration

Parliamentary elections and ratification of amended 2012 constitution will take place before presidential elections; President and Cabinet hold legislative authorities during transitional period.

Egypts interim president Adly Mansour issued the anticipated constitutional declaration last night that will remain effective until the end of the ongoing transitional period, which will last for least six months according to the declaration.

The transitional period has started upon issuing of the constitutional declaration and ends after the presidential elections, due next year. Parliamentary elections should take place during the transitional period before the presidential polls.

The declaration, which came into effect late Monday, consists of 33 articles. It will be automatically canceled when an amended version of the suspended constitution is approved in a refendum.

According to the temporary charter, the president holds legislative authorities along with the cabinet that shall have a mandatory consultative role.

Legislative authority will be transferred to the parliaments lower chamber, the House of Representatives, which has yet to be elected.

The president is also entitled to approve state policy and budget, and also declare a state of emergency after the approval of Cabinet, which is yet to be formed, and in accordance to the law.

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