EU envoy in Egypt says dialogue is the only solution

Senior EU diplomat Bernardino León said that the organisation had been trying ‘for months’ prior to Morsi’s ouster to persuade the Brotherhood to share power.

León, who arrived in Cairo on Wednesday, said that that there is a “big gap between both sides” but that there are “signs of hope.”

“Both sides understand very well that confrontation and violence is not the solution; this will lead nowhere,” León stated.

“You have moderate people in both camps, and you have radical people in both camps,” he said, speaking after meetings with state bodies and visits to the pro-Morsi sit-in in Nasr City.

He expressed concerns that “radicals in both camps are saying the solution is Egyptians killing Egyptians.”

The Spanish diplomat said that the solution reached should not be a mediated solution, but should come from Egyptians themselves.

“You are the oldest state in the world and I’m sure you can find this solution together,” he said.


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