RS and Serbian PMs hold meeting in Belgrade

Serbia stands firmly behind the Serb Republic as an entity defined by the Dayton Agreement and will continue to strengthen ties, said PM Ivica Dačić.

“The government will, regardless of the reconstruction, continue the policy of establishing closer and stronger ties between the Serb Republic and Serbia,” Dačić told reporters at the Palace of Serbia on Thursday after a meeting with RS Prime Minister Željka Cvijanović.

Dačić and Cvijanović stressed that they will continue working on priority projects, primarily in energy sector on the Drina River.

“I went to the Italian prime minister in order to speed up the procedural matters, because the project on the Drina is very important and encouraging for other investments that will come,” Dačić said.

He pointed out that he “does not want to talk about political issues,” – but that Serbia considers that there should be no change to the Dayton Agreement without the consent of the three peoples and two entities in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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