France calls on EU to condemn chemical weapons attack by Syria

imgFrance is urging the European Union to unanimously condemn a chemical weapons attack near Damascus and agree it was carried out by the Syrian regime, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced this morning.

Speaking to the French press agency before attending a meeting with his European counterparts, Fabius said the 28-bloc should secure an agreement that “condemns the usage of chemical weapons and notes that the proof that we have been given shows that it was the regime of Bashar al-Assad behind the massacre”.

Meanwhile, as the G20 summit enters its final day in St. Petersburg, the international community appears no closer yet at bridging divides over the civil war in Syria.

So far, France, the United States and Turkey are the only G20 members committed to using force in Syria. Russia and China continue to strongly oppose any military action, while the majority of the remaining members remain concerned about supporting such action without a UN Security Council resolution in place.

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