Three Kenyan soldiers dead in rescue mission at the Westgate mall

imgThree Kenya Defence Force (KDF) soldiers have succumbed to injuries following the rescue mission at the Westgate mall.

According to KDF Information Operations Officer Cyrus Oguna, the three were among 11 soldiers wounded when they confronted gunmen who staged a terror attack at the upmarket shopping mall on Saturday.

“KDF approached this mission with the highest degree of professionalism. Unfortunately, 11 KDF soldiers sustained injuries and were admitted to t he Defence Forces Memorial Hospital. Regrettably, three of them succumbed to their injuries,” he explained.

He says the operation called for extreme care and caution to ensure the security officers and the hostages held there were safe. “The delicate and complex nature of the Westgate mall siege rescue operation called for extreme care and caution to ensure the safety and security of the hostages.”

So far, the attack has claimed at least 62 lives while others remain in hospital.

The joint rescue mission is still going on at the mall.

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