OPCW experts start destruction of chemical arms in Syria

Experts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) are commencing the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons in line with a relevant UN Security Council resolution and a US-Russian initiative.

A source of the OCWA team said in news remarks the 33-member delegation was starting the task of destroying an estimated 1,000 tonnes of the nerve agent sarin, mustard gas and other banned arms at dozens of sites in Syria by mid-2014 in line with the UN resolution.

The experts would verify details of the arsenal turned over by the Syrian government and start the process of destroying the weapons and production facilities, the source said.

The mission, which was endorsed by the UN Security Council a couple of weeks, was hammered out by Washington and Moscow after an August 21 chemical weapons attack in Damascus prompted US threats of air strikes against the Syrian government.

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