Serbia, Bosnia sign deal on security

The Serbian government and the Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina signed in Belgrade on Thursday a security agreement.

The deal will allow for “an even better cooperation between the two countries in the battle against crime and in raising the level of their economic cooperation,” it was announced.

Head of Serbia’s National Security Council office for the protection of confidential data Goran Matić and Bosnia-Herzegovina’s assistant minister for the protection of confidential data, Mate Miletić, signed the agreement.

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić was at the signing and emphasized that the document would improve the safety of the citizens of both countries.

The agreement is a clear message to all those on the other side of the law that national borders would not be of help to them in crime, because Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina will work together, Vučić noted.

The document also helps improve the cooperation between the two countries’ defense industries, he said.

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