Serbia, Croatia exchange demands on lawsuits

Serbia wants the mutual withdrawal of the two genocide lawsuits filed by Zagreb and Belgrade at the International Court of Justice, but it will not act unilaterally, Marko Djuric, an adviser to Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic.

“Our message was, and remains: let us unconditionally withdraw the lawsuits and turn to the future,” Djuric said.

“The situation with the genocide lawsuits is inflicting great damage on our republics. It creates the basis for continually maintaining poor inter-ethnic relations and sends a very bad message to the world that the region has not overcome hatred and the bloody historical divisions deepened by the war that had a fratricidal character,” he added.

However Croatian foreign minister Vesna Pusic said on Saturday that Zagreb was only ready to discuss the withdrawal of the lawsuits after Belgrade provides information about Croatians who went missing during the 1991-95 war in her country.

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