Egypt’s new PM calls for end of protests

Egypt’s new prime minister on Sunday called for a halt to protests and strikes to give a break to rebuild the nation after more than three years of deadly crisis , a call made ​​by his predecessors , to no avail .

Ibrahim Mehlib made ​​this call in an address televised live on the first full day on the job after he and members of his Cabinet were sworn in the previous day by the interim president Adly Mansour .

Mr. Mehlib was appointed prime minister last week , following the surprise resignation of his predecessor, Hazem el – Beblawi , after seven months in office tumultuous . Egypt experienced bloodshed and mass detentions that authorities staged a massive crackdown on supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsy Islamist and , in recent weeks, a growing number of strikes .

“Stop all the sit- ins , protests and strikes . Let’s start building the nation,” said Mr. Mehlib .

“No voice should be louder than the voice of construction and development ,” said Mr. Mehlib . ” Your request will be taken very seriously , but also know how much I love my country and wish to build and raise it ,” he said.

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