Bosnians Commemorate Bridge Blast Deaths in Brcko

People in the Brcko District marked the anniversary of the deaths of around 100 civilians who were killed in April 1992 when a bridge over the River Sava was blown up by Serb forces.

Several hundred Brcko residents gathered on Wednesday to lay wreaths and flowers in commemoration of those who died on the bridge that connects connects Brcko and Gunja in Croatia.

Marin Brkic, president of the Association of Families of Missing Croats from Brcko District said that the attack on the bridge was “a horrible crime, which led to the death of innocent people who found themselves on the bridge”.

Twenty-two years later, no one has been prosecuted over their deaths, Brkic said.

“I consider that it would be good if [the Brcko District prosecution] begins to punish all the criminals, so the people living in this area could get peace and begin living side by side,” he said.

Ramiz Ahmetovic, president of the Association of Families of Missing Bosniaks from Brcko District, said that it was still not known exactly how many civilians were killed on the bridge in April 1992.

“Only one of them has been found and buried. We are still searching for the others. We know that, when a crime scene inspection was conducted, the remains were put in coffins and transported to the hospital morgue, but they have been missing since,” Ahmetovic said.

“The fact that the prosecution has still not filed an indictment against the persons responsible for this crime is shameful,” he added.

The mayor of Brcko District, Anto Domic, who was were among those who laid wreaths, also called for the culprits to be prosecuted.

“I am convinced that we shall spend many more years on finding the truth about this event so we can bring all those responsible to justice,” Domic said.

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