Egypt’s foreign minister meets Libyan counterpart

imgEgypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met with his Libyan counterpart Mohamed Abdulaziz on Sunday, when they addressed the latest developments in the neighbouring country.

Abdulaziz arrived in Cairo on Friday to discuss his country’s security challenges with his Egyptian counterpart.

During the meeting, Abdelaziz discussed Libya’s parliamentary elections, which were held earlier in June and whose results are expected to be announced in mid-July. The head of the elections commission overseeing the electoral process postponed on Sunday the announcement of the result for one week; the results of the elections, which saw a low turn-out, are now expected on 20 July.

Abdelaziz also stressed the efforts exerted by the Constituent Assembly to draft a new constitution.

Shoukry asserted Egypt’s interest in the latest developments taking place in Libya, especially the security situation there. Egypt is ready to offer all forms of support to build Libyan state institutions, he added.

“Libya is not just a neighbouring country or a country with a shared history,” a foreign ministry statement quoted Shoukry as saying. “There are strong relations and interests that tie both brotherly countries and their nations.”

The foreign ministers discussed preparation for an advisory ministerial meeting for Libya’s neighbouring countries, due to be held in mid-July in Tunisia.

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