Libya warned of its security situation during UN summit

Representatives of Western and Arab countries, meeting in New York Thursday to discuss Libya, voiced deep concern that current political polarization and military conflicts in Libya posed threats to the country’s transition.

Officials from Britain, Saudi Arabia, France, the US, the European Union (EU), African Union, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and many other countries said security threats against Libya would also undermine efforts to build a modern state based on respect of human rights and rule of law.

The officials, in a statement after their meeting held on the sidelines of the 69th General Assembly, which was chaired by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, called on all parties in Libya to agree to an immediate ceasefire and end fighting.

They also condemned the targeting of civilians, including through indiscriminate shelling, as well as attacks against civilian institutions and vital installations during the conflict.

Participants reaffirmed during the meeting, the international community’s firm determination to uphold Libya’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity, as well as the lead role of the UN in coordinating international efforts to support Libya’s democratic transition.

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