Libya stability can be achieved through dialogue, Tunisian FM says

The settlement of the crisis in Libya cannot but be « political » and « dialogue » is the unique way to restore stability and security in this country, Tunisian Foreign Minister Mongi Hamdi asserted, Thursday.

« Libyans should place the country’s supreme interest above any consideration. They still have the chance to turn the page of conflicts and sit to the table of dialogue to draw the outlines of a promising future for the next generations, » he said at the 5th Conference of the Foreign Ministers of Libya’s neighbour Countries held, in Khartoum.

Libya’s security and stability is the primary concern of its neighbours, Hamdi pointed out, estimating that it is necessary to associate Libya’s neighbour countries in all the regional and international initiatives related to this file, in view of the key role they can play in settling this crisis.

According to a news release of the Foreign Ministry, a declaration issued from this conference pointed out the central role of Libya’s neighbour countries in settling crisis there and restore stability and security.

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