France calls on intl community to have clear stance in fight against terror

imgFrench President Francois Hollande called on the international community Friday to adopt a clear and collective position against terrorism, saying recent attacks in Paris would not undermine freedom of expression as one of Republic’s major pillars.
France is working closely with its neighbors, particularly Belgium, to fighting “terrorism,” said Hollande at the annual conference of French diplomats, outlining France’s foreign policy.
There has to be a “strict and collective” reaction against terrorism, he underlined.
Every country should have its own anti-terror measures, said Hollande, and France would take its own measures regarding the fighters who travel to fight in other countries and then return to their countries “to do what is worse.” Europe, asserted Hollande, should strengthen its security system to fighting terrorism. Europe, he added, should tighten border control and exchange Passenger Name Record (PNR), which would be a necessary step to keep track on fighters travelling to and from the Middle East.
France respects all faiths and cultures, said Hollande, but the country was committed to guaranteeing freedom of expression.
France also respects human rights so it should protect every Franch citizen, said Hollande, and was also fighting discrimination, semitism and Islamophobia.

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