French President says Ukraine peace can be achieved only with Minsk Agreement

imgFrance’s President Francois Hollande said Monday that commitment to implement the Minsk peace accord by all sides would be the only possible way to restore peace in Ukraine.
France must not tolerate any infringement of the Minsk peace accord to re-establish peace and stability in Ukraine, Hollande told reporters after his meeting with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg in the French capital.
The French President also called all sides to respect ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy weapons, pointing out that he would call Russian, German, and Ukrainian leaders later to discuss latest situation developments in East Ukraine.
Meanwhile, Stoltenberg welcomed the “fragile” ceasefire in East Ukraine, pointing out it represents a necessary base to proceed with a long-term peaceful solution for the crisis in the country.
It is important that all sides respect their commitments included in the Minsk accord, and that Russian-backed separatists must not take advantage of this truce to stage a new attack, he said.

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