Algeria affirms strong commitment to joint African action

Algeria is “strongly” committed to joint African action and “spares no effort” to allow Africa transform ideals into “palpable”, Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra stressed Wednesday.
“We are deeply engaged in joint African action and Algeria spare no effort to allow Africa, which works for dignity and freedom of all its children, transform its ideals into a tangible reality,” Lamamra stated at the opening session of the 7th meeting of heads of intelligence and security services of the Sahel-Saharan region, organized by the African Union.
He added that the countries of the Sahel-Saharan region and Africa in general had no alternative but to “work together to design a common action and critical evaluation of the shortcomings and imperfections “.
“Every time we advance the cause of peace, we deprive terrorists of a scope of action and when we develop this efficacy between us, we serve peace and stability in Africa and the world,” he stated.

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