Central African Republic: 61 dead, 300 injured in the September violence

The outbreak of violence that has engulfed Bangui end of September was 61 dead and 300 wounded, said Monday the Central African government, revising upward previous assessments reports of forty dead.
“The death toll of the violence established hospital source is 61 dead and over 300 injured,” said a statement from the Minister of Public Safety and the government spokesman, Said Dominique Panguindji.
“Whatever the pretexts, this latest attack is the work of a Machiavellian plan meticulously prepared long before, to mark a sudden stop to the process of peace and national reconciliation and to the electoral process despite sufficiently advanced the particularly difficult context “, accused the spokesman.
The statement said “the crisis that has been imposed on us is anything other than a coup planned by the enemies of peace and politicians in need of power to overthrow the institutions of the transition to the establishment of an alleged third transition (…). The authors clearly identified and accomplices staged an armed insurrection to seize power by force. ”
Last week, Ms. Samba Panza had earlier described the violence as “attempt to seize power by force.”
The violence broke out on September 26 after the assassination of a motorcycle taxi driver and Muslims had spread in several districts of the capital before the international forces (peacekeepers and French soldiers Sangaris) does manage to restore calm.
The city had also been paralyzed for four days by barricades erected by protesters demanding the resignation including the transitional President Catherine Samba Panza.

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