Libya peace talks continue

imgThe rival factions of Libya resumed talks Monday to Morocco to try to move forward with a UN-brokered peace agreement and agree on a national unity government.
The United Nations has been piling up pressure on the Libyan factions to take the last step and make the appointments after months of difficult negotiations and missed deadlines.
“The envoy of the UN Mission for Libya meets a number of negotiators on Monday,” said the spokesman Samir Ghattas MANUL.
Nearly four years after the fall and death of dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Libya remains in chaos with two rival governments and parliaments.
The capital Tripoli is the headquarters of the General National Congress controlled by the coalition in Libya Fajr (dawn Libya) militias.
The city of Tobruk, in the far east of the country near the border with Egypt welcomes the internationally recognized parliament.
UN envoy Bernardino Leon said an agreement should be concluded before October 20, when the term of Parliament expires internationally recognized.

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