Three militants killed in clashes with the army Algeria

The troops of the Algerian army Tuesday killed three militants in the province of Boumerdes, 55 km east of Algiers, according to a statement from the Ministry of Defence.
“Part of the efforts against terrorism and after the operation of specific advice, a detachment of the national army of the people of the 1st military region of Boumerdes launched a drag operation, which led to the death of three terrorists, “reads the statement.
Three machines Kalashnikov rifles, three magazines, binoculars, 135 bullets and nine mobile phones have been recovered, the source said, adding that the drag operation is still ongoing.
Woods and forests higher in some central provinces near the capital Algiers, Boumerdes and Bouira which are still regarded as a refuge for a number of terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). Elsewhere in the country, the situation is under control of the security forces.

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