20 peacekeepers detained in South Sudan Free

New York – The United Nations said that all 20 soldiers from the UN peacekeeping held by rebels in Southern Sudan have been released.
But spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the UN said Thursday the rebels still hold 12 UN contractors.
He said a barge carrying UN fuel was traveling on the Nile north of Malakal, October 26 when he was stuck in Kaka by more than 100 heavily armed men affiliated with the SPLA in opposition, which held the peacekeepers and crew. He said the fuel was looted.
Dujarric the UN mission called the rebel leader Riek Machar to immediately release the crew of Southern Sudan “unharmed and sound” and return the barge and weapons and equipment belonging to the peacekeepers.
He stressed that the attacks against the soldiers of the UN peace and other staff may constitute war crimes.

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