Denmark to send special forces Mali and Military Transport

Copenhagen November 3 (Prensa Latina) Foreign Minister of Denmark Kristian Jensen, will send a contingent of Mali in special forces and military transport to help stabilize the West African country, it was announced here.
Jensen informed his government will send 30 men, 15 additional officers and other military aircraft type C-130 Hercules to African countries within the framework of the United Nations
Stabilization Mission in Mali (Minusba) it is indicated in the site Wanafrica .com.
We do this to create stability in Mali is one of the most fragile countries in the world, but even so, in June signed a peace agreement.
That’s why we want to support the important work of the UN in the country, he said.
General Michael Lollesgaard, Commander Minusma requested
Copenhagen for the supply of up to 250 soldiers and 30 armored vehicles for what he said was a dangerous mission.
However, at a meeting with the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament, Jensen said that Denmark will not allow the United Nations to determine its military commitments and said the government will not put all your eggs in one basket than.

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