Libya: a new unity government proposed before 10 days

In Libya, negotiations are continuing around the composition of the future government. Following the rejection of its first proposal by a large majority by the Parliament of Tobruk, on Monday, the Libyan Prime Minister, Fayez el-Sarraj has ten days to submit a new cabinet to MPs.
“At the request of Parliament, the Prime Minister designate, Fayez el-Sarraj propose a smaller formation of the national unity government, said on Tuesday to AFP Fathi Ben Issa, adviser to the national unity government formed January 19, and Monday rejected by Parliament Tobruk, recognized by the international community.
“The new government will be announced within ten days, as requested by MEPs Monday,” he said.
The question of General Khalifa Haftar
Besides too many ministers, General Khalifa Haftar, proclaimed leader of the Libyan National Army (NLA) is a central issue.
The vote of confidence of Parliament Tobruk must represent a significant step for the implementation of the agreement reached in December commissioning in Morocco under the auspices of the UN. For several weeks, the UN and the West put pressure on Libyan leaders for the establishment of a unity government in order to fight against the spread of Islamic state in the north.

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