South Sudan government troops have left 50 people die in a container

The South Sudanese government troops killed in October 2015 fifty people by letting them suffocate in a cargo container placed in full sun, in a report established a group of international observers.
This crime, committed in the northern state of Unity, one of the main battlegrounds of the civil war that has scarred the South Sudan for over two years, is just one of many examples of ceasefire violations -the-fire committed by both sides since the signing of a peace agreement in late August, according to the report, which lists them.
This document was prepared by the Commission’s Monitoring and Assessment (JMEC) the agreement reached on August 26 between the head of state Salva Kiir and his former vice president Riek Machar to end civil war . It was submitted on January 29 summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa.
In South Sudan, metal containers are often used as makeshift cells. In Unity State, temperatures frequently exceed 40 degrees during the day.
Among other abuses identified in this report include rape, murder, and the capture and plunder of barges merchandise belonging to the UN.
The South Sudanese government army did not immediately react to the accusations, but has in the past consistently rejected reports suggesting similar atrocities.
In January, a group of UN experts recommended that the Security Council sanction MM. Kiir and Machar for their role in the war.
The belligerents have failed to form a unity government on the scheduled date of 22 January, rebels of Mr Machar saying that President Kiir had compromised a fundamental pillar of the power-sharing agreement unilaterally tripling the number of regional states.

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