Burkina: the leader of the party accused Compaoré for his involvement in the September coup

Eddie Komboïgo Constance, the party leader of the former Burkinabe President Blaise Compaoré, was indicted by the Ouagadougou Military Tribunal for “attempt on the security of the state” and “complicity in murder”, a-t- said Friday security sources.
“Eddie Komboïgo was charged Monday in his presentation to the investigating judge for the attack state security, complicity to murder, complicity in assault and battery, aggravated damages complicity of public and private property,” he AFP a security source close to the matter.
Mr. Komboïgo was arrested Saturday after his return to Burkina. He left Burkina few days before the coup perpetrated on September 17 by the Presidential Security Regiment (RSP), the old guard Praetorian Mr. Compaoré.
The name of the boss of Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP) had been cited among the accomplices of the failed coup against the transitional regime that followed the fall Compaoré in October 2014, in the report of the Commission of administrative inquiry set up by the government after the coup.
Eddie Komboïgo is the second leader of a political party in this case after the arrest and prosecution of Mr Hermann Yaméogo, leader of the Union for Democracy and Development (UNDD), a small pro-Compaoré party.
Several members of CDP with Léonce Koné, one of the vice presidents of the party, were charged in the case.
The head of Compaoré’s party had seen his candidacy in the presidential election rejected by the Constitutional Council under a controversial law passed in April 2015, banning pro-Compaoré from seeking mandates during the November elections that ended the transitional regime in Burkina Faso.

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