Libya: France denies any military intervention project against the Islamic State

imgThe French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, denied Tuesday, February 2 any attempt by France to intervene militarily against the Islamic State (EI) in Libya.
“There is absolutely no question that we intervene militarily in Libya,” said Laurent Fabius on the sidelines of a meeting of the international coalition in Rome against the IE. “I do not know what source it comes from. A small group is pressure, but it is not the government’s position, “he added.
Formation of a national unity government
This development comes as the French daily Le Figaro on Monday night announced that France was preparing ‘plans for an offensive against Daesh (acronym of EI in Arabic) “.
“What is true is that we are concerned about the rise of EI in Libya, and that’s why you have to push for the formation of a national unity government,” said the French minister yet . Then concludes: “Any other perspective is not valid.”

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