Obama, Italy Mattarella discuss Libya, ways to fight ISIS

President of the USA Barack Obama met with Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the White House on Monday and discussed with him joint efforts to fight against the Islamic State (IS) group in Libya.
“We discussed the joint efforts of Italy, the United States and other partners to help Libya form a government that will then allow us to help them build the capacity of security and push against the efforts of ISIL to gain a foothold in this country, “Obama said after the meeting, using another acronym of the extremist group.
Obama thanked Mattarella for “strong contribution” of Italy in efforts to train and advise the police to take part in the campaign against IS in Syria and Iraq.
The leaders also discussed the refugee crisis that affected many European countries.
“We agreed that we need a very balanced approach – a human approach – in the treatment of this issue, because we have to consider the security issues and the rights of those affected,” said Mattarella.

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