Burundi: François Hollande and Thomas Yayi Boni call for end to violence

The French and Beninese presidents François Hollande and Thomas Boni Yayi have “jointly called” Monday their Burundian counterpart Pierre Nkurunziza “to end violence in his country,” said the Elysee.
A call to their counterpart Pierre Nkurunziza
After the interview the two heads of state, the French presidency said in a statement they “called together the President of Burundi to end violence in his country and agreed to dialogue with its opponents without preconditions. ”
On 31 January, the African Union decided to send a delegation of “eminent persons” to obtain the consent of Bujumbura on sending troops.
Other topics addressed during the meeting
The discussions then focused on the upcoming presidential elections in Benin. Hollande expressed in Thomas Boni Yayi “congratulations for his two terms as head of the Republic of Benin and highlighted the vitality of the Beninese democracy,” according to the French presidency.

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