Mali: the head of the Minusma Kidal after the deadly attack against peacekeepers

The head of the UN Mission in Mali (Minusma) visited Saturday peacekeepers in Kidal (north-east) the day after the attack, claimed by the jihadists of Ansar Eddine, who killed six Guinean soldiers the Minusma, did we learn from this force.
The Guinean government has confirmed that six soldiers to its contingent to Minusma were killed in the attack Friday morning against a UN camp in Kidal, in a statement Saturday. He announced a national mourning three days, starting on Sunday, February 14, (which) will be observed throughout the country, during which the flags of the Republic will be flown at half mast.
Mahamat Saleh Annadif, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Mali, arrived Saturday in Kidal to provide support to the UN Mission workers and raise the security, said an African military source within the Minusma , joined by AFP in Kidal.
“He came to our camp here in Kidal. He was shocked by the consequences of the attack. He recovered our moral and promised to look very quickly on strengthening security, “added the same source.
Shortly before leaving for Kidal, Mr. Annadif had visited peacekeepers wounded in the attack and transferred to a clinic in Bamako, according to a source at the hotel.
Besides the six Guinean peacekeepers killed, a spokesman for the UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon has reported thirty wounded.
The attack, claimed by Ansar Dine, left dozens of dead and injured, said the jihadist group in a statement released Friday by the Mauritanian private news agency Al-Akhbar.
Mr. Annadif, denounced after the attack “a hateful and irresponsible act that reflects the disarray of the camp of the enemies of peace in Mali.”
Two Guinean UN soldiers were killed late November 2015 Kidal in a rocket attack against the camp of Minusma claimed by Ansar Eddine.
Three Malian soldiers were also killed Friday and two others wounded in an ambush in the Timbuktu region (northwest).

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