Sissi: Egypt achieved a democratic transition

Cairo – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said that his country had made a transition to democracy after years of turmoil since the uprising that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak in 2011.
Sisi made the remarks Saturday during his speech at Egypt’s parliament for the first time since it was convened in January.
“From this place, under the dome of Parliament, the Egyptian people declare to the world that they have laid the foundations of a democratic system and rebuilds institutions
constitutional, “said the president.
The speech, which came a day after a rare public protest scale took place against the Egyptian authorities, was largely composed of general and a list of achievements of Egypt during the reign of President.
But despite the talk of democracy, analysts said the half-hour speech did little to appease critics accusing the government-led Sisi to lead a brutal crackdown on opposition forces in the country.
Since 2013, the government of Sisi has imprisoned more than 40 000 people across the country, say the activists. He also introduced laws restricting street demonstrations and press freedoms, and gave the police wide powers.
Khalil al-Anani, an associate professor of political science at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, told Al Jazeera that the discourse of Sisi seems to be directed only to his supporters.
“I do not think what he said today will be realized by all means, especially when you talk about democracy and freedom,” said Anani.
“It’s just rhetoric. Everyone knows that Egypt is not by any means on the way to democracy.
“[Sisi] recognizes that there is a growing resentment against his rule and his government. He knows that his popularity is not what it was when he came to power. ”
last Egyptian Parliament was dissolved in 2012 by the highest court of the country, less than a year after being elected in what was seen as the first democratically elected chamber of the country.
Mohamed Morsi tried to reinstate parliament after his election to the presidency this year, but was shot down by the courts in a move seen to strengthen the army that ousted a year later.

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