Algeria has close anti-terror cooperation with Tunisia: Algerian FM

Algeria and Tunisia are closely cooperating in the fight against terrorism, Algeria’s foreign minister said on Tuesday.
“Algeria has always been in the front line of the fight against terrorism with the determined joint security forces,” foreign minister Ramtane Lamamra told reporters following Monday’s terrorist attacks hitting southern Tunisia, near the Libyan border.
He said the efficiency and professionalism of the Tunisian security forces saved the country from a major clash of which militants wanted to make a media show-off.
The clash killed 45 people, including 29 militants, 10 soldiers and seven civilians, according to the latest counting.
Algeria and Tunisia have agreed to enhance their security cooperation after a terrorist attack in their bordering area in 2013, since when the two hold regular security meetings to coordinate their counter-terrorism efforts.
Some 25,000 Algerian soldiers were deployed along the border line with Tunisia to thwart all the potential intrusions of militants.

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