Head of logistics for Malian terrorist group arrested in Bamako

Malian national, suspected of being the head of logistics and arms carrier for jihadist groups in southern Mali, was arrested last week in a Bamako suburb by the country’s police, a security source said over the weekend.
According to the source, the suspect named Yacouba Toure, was pretending to be a cattle buyer to evade intelligence officers.
Toure, 40, was born in Mali’s central region of Mopti and in 2010 joined terrorist groups in Kidal region where he received adequate military training.
He was later introduced to Souleymane Keita, the head of Ansar Dine terror group in the south and Boubacar Sawadogo, the group’s head of the Burkina Faso wing.
According to the source, Toure was one of the initiators of a program to create terrorist units in southern Mali and was in charge of logistics as well as carrying weapons.

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