Tunisia makes initiative to revitalise Arab League's role in solving Libyan conflict

An initiative to revitalise the Arab League’s role in resolving the Libyan crisis and urging stakeholders to settle disputes and iron out difficulties that impede the implementation of the political agreement was tabled Thursday by Tunisia as part of its presidency of the 146th Ordinary Session of the Arab Foreign Ministers’ Council.
Tunisia is keen to strengthen the Arab role in addressing Arab issues and bolster the process of political settlement in Libya through the mechanism of Libya neighbour countries and the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) Foreign Ministers’ Council, along with its contribution to providing a framework for dialogue to reach a consensus, the Foreign Ministry Friday said in a press release.
The Tunisian initiative also urged the implementation of the Arab League’s decisions in relation to Libya and boosting its role in supporting the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord by means of appointing a special representative of the Secretary-General for Libya to monitor developments and establish contact with the different Libyan political and social actors and international stakeholders so as to arrive at a political settlement of the crisis.

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