UK sends troops to help Tunisia fight Daesh

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has said that the UK military will send 40 military troops to Tunisia in an effort to stop the entry of Daesh fighters from neighbouring Libya.
According to Fallon, the military personnel will train around 200 Tunisian army elements focusing on operational planning, intelligence, surveillance and mobile patrols.
The UK is “determined” to support Tunisia in its fight against Daesh after two gunmen affiliated with the group attacked a hotel in Sousse last year resulting in the death of 30 Brits. The fighters were trained in Libya.
The training will seek to help Tunisian forces enhance border security and prevent the spread of Daesh along the coast.
The Tunisian government confirmed last year the construction of a 168 kilometre security fence along its border with Libya to prevent arms sales and Daesh fighters from entering.

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